ToastMasters can use Naksho as well

How many of you ToastMasters would love to get feedback beyond the evaluator’s response?

Is there a specific message that you want to convey?  One that personally so resonates with you that you want to implore your audience to heed?

Is there a new speech style that you are exercising?  Do you want the audience to give you feedback on your shift?  How do you let them know of the intentional change in styles?

A survey or questionnaire might help you get the answers to those questions. But, how are you going to conduct that survey? Are you going to print a set of questions to handout during the meeting?  Do you think that will work?

What if you could rapidly prepare your questionnaire and share it as a web page from where your audience could submit responses?  What if you saw the results on your phone summarized as well as listed in detail?

Naksho does that for you!

  1. Come to the day’s session.
  2. Take a picture of the room/audience.
  3. Add that to the survey that you created earlier.Remember, 6-8 questions is plenty.
  4. Multiple choice and no more.

Skeptical.  Of course you are, and you should be.  So, why don’t you do a test drive.  The first one is on us.

Create a survey, add an image, turn it on, tell 10 folks to respond, and then turn it off.

See how easy it is and decide for yourself if Naksho can help you on your journey to excellence!

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